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The Ninth Wave

Never Crave Attention 10-Inch "Milky White" Vinyl (w/ Download Code)

10 Inch $15.99

Release Date: 20/04/2018

Discs: 1

Never Crave Attention is the second EP by Glaswegian The Ninth Wave, now available on Milky White 10’’ vinyl via Distiller Records.

Produced by Dan Austin (Massive Attack, Sløtface) at The Distillery, the EP is a ’80s post-punk explosion. Led by frontman Haydn Park, the four-piece exhibit a flair for audacious songwriting to convey their malcontented musings, drawing on their own experiences on Glasgow’s scarce music scene and the decrepit state of society.

1. New Kind of Ego
2. Collapsible People
3. Swallow Me
4. We Can't Go Anywhere Else